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Shunted tombstones home depot

Contact Us. FREE Shipping. All glass design allows for super wide degree beam angle. Ballast must be disconnected before use. Looking for ballast compatible tube lights? Click Here. Cool white, soft white who knows? Well the EarthLED chat does. They pointed me in the right direction on color and brightness and were spot on. Prices are also excellent. We have re-lamped our entire house through EarthLed. FREE Shipping 1. Deal of the Week.

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Non Shunted Tombstone Socket

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Please give us a call and to learn more. Click here to view our Low Price Guarantee. We use our highest efforts to protect our customers from fraudulent activity. A Watt W is an electrical unit of power. The higher the wattage the more power the bulb consumes. However LEDs can put out much more light with less watts. Lumens are a measure of how much light a bulb puts out.

The higher the lumens the brighter the light. Think of it as the volume of light sort of like gallons is the volume of water. A W incandescent bulb puts out around Lumens, an LED bulb can give you the same lumens with W, meaning you get the same light with much less power consumption. And less power consumption means more money saved. Voltage is different depending on if its residential service V sometimes V or commercial service V.

The beam angle is the angle from the light is that is effectively lit by the LED. Others LED lights like our tube lights have a wide beam angle ofor degrees. There are many many many types of bulb bases. Your standard screw in light bulb is most likely a E or E aka a Medium Base. E is a candle base often found in chandeliers.

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For the LED tube lights the the G two pins on each end of tube is most common, or Fa8 single pin one each end of tube. Green Light Depot also carries lights with uncommon bases like E40 mogul bases. Light sources with a high CRI are desirable in color-critical applications such as photography and cinematography… see full explanation here. The number shown is technically a color.

The number is the degree kelvin, which is a universal measurement of light. Depending on the application, a different certification is needed.

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Also some of our products are eligible for rebates based on the certification they hold.Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food.

shunted tombstones home depot

Hope you have a nice stay! The difference between a shunted and non-shunted socket is how the electrical current flows through the fixture. Current flows through a shunted socket through a single path and through a non-shunted socket through multiple paths. If the wrong socket is used, the possibility of an electrical short and early burn out of the bulb is greatly increased. In fluorescent fixtures, shunted sockets are only used with instant start ballasts and the non-shunted sockets are used with dimming, pre-heat, program start, rapid start, and trigger ballasts.

The ballast provides a sufficient voltage amount to start the lamps and then regulates the current to keep them operating effectively. Essentially the ballast is a bouncer for the club fixture which allows the right number of people volts to get through the lines sockets to get the party started turn on the lights.

Without a ballast, the fluorescent lamps would draw an unregulated current, which would over heat the lamp and burn it out. Identify the socket by testing the contacts of the socket for continuity complete path of current flow with a voltage meter. On a shunted socket, the contacts are connected internally, which means continuity is present for both of the contacts.

With a non-shunted socket, there is no continuity present between the contacts since the contacts are not connected internally and require separate power leads. Depending on the voltage meter used, an identifier or beeping noise will ring if continuity is present.

Most direct-wire LED lamps require non-shunted lamp sockets while plug-n-play LED lamps typically require shunted lamp sockets.

shunted tombstones home depot

For the direct wire function, bypassing removing the ballast is essential for the operation of the LED bulb, so it can operate off line voltage directly.

The plug-n-play option is a game changer since many are capable of operating with specific ballasts, including instant start or programmed start ballasts. The ever changing world of technology has allowed manufacturers to tweak and create different generations of each lamp type. While purchasing and installing light bulbs into your existing fixtures, be sure your sockets translate the proper voltage to avoid any possible mishaps or headaches.

Contact our customer service team at Monday through Friday 7 am to 7 pm CST with your questions.

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You can also drop a line in the comment section below. About Us. Learning Center. Home Lighting Tips. Commercial Lighting. Press Releases. Contact Us. Apr Joshua Santa Cruz. How to Identify a Shunted or Non-Shunted Socket Identify the socket by testing the contacts of the socket for continuity complete path of current flow with a voltage meter. How to Tell if You Need a Shunted or Non-Shunted Socket The ever changing world of technology has allowed manufacturers to tweak and create different generations of each lamp type.Contact Us.

FREE Shipping. Shoppers of ballast bypass LED Tube lights will often come across documentation in install guide specifying that the LED tube light must use a non-shunted tombstone. Due to potential safety hazards of interacting with line voltage, which can be as high as V in commercial applicationssafety testing organizations such as UL have introduced standards to ensure that this product can be installed safely.

The result is that most products in this category have to be installed with the line voltage input into one side of the tube. This introduces a unique requirement in that the sockets must be of the T12 or "Non-Shunted Rapid Start" type. If you have a T12 fixture, you are in luck, as you have all the necessary hardware already. T8 fixtures must have the input side sockets changed to T12 sockets of the "Non-Shunted Rapid Start" type, as T8 sockets have a circular conductor that will not allow them to properly separate the line and the neutral sides of the circuit.

Cool white, soft white who knows? Well the EarthLED chat does. They pointed me in the right direction on color and brightness and were spot on. Prices are also excellent. We have re-lamped our entire house through EarthLed. FREE Shipping 1. Deal of the Week. Volume Quotes. MR GU5. Troffers Troffers 2X4. LED Downlights.

What is the difference between a shunted and non-shunted tombstone?

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How to Replace a Tombstone in a Light Fixture

Great pricing with equal quality We have re-lamped our entire house through EarthLed.Depending on what replacement LED bulb you purchased from your local Home Depot will determine if you bypass the ballast or if you don't. If they are the brand from Toggled, you will need to bypass the ballast. However, no additional wiring is needed, as these can use the same sockets aka tombstones. To view the installation manual for Toggled, please click here. This is one of those situations where you actually have the answer, that is, if you haven't thrown away the packaging of your new LED bulbs.

Know what brand name you have, refer to the manufacturer's instructions. This will be your solution, as it depends on the brand you bought that will dictate how and if it needs to be rewired. Sign In to join the community Help. Replacing fluorescent bulbs with led bulbs. So I've watched 4 videos on u tube and still not sure whether I need to just remove the ballast or also replace shunted tombstones.

Anybody have any thoughts. Not what you were looking for? Try posting a question. Like 0 Comment 2 Stay updated Report. Hi Robblebonble, Thanks for your question and welcome the community! Best Answer. Like 0 Report. Follow the instructions on the package of replacement bulbs you purchased. For the ones that use the existing ballast, you have to make sure the ballast is compatible with the bulb and the manufacturer will have a list on their website.Two wires attach to each socket on a fluorescent fixture to provide the electricity necessary to cause the gas inside of a fluorescent tube to glow.

The sockets on fluorescent fixtures are shaped eerily like tombstones, so they are often referred to as such. When a tombstone becomes damaged, it can no longer provide the proper electrical connection to light the tube.

In some cases, one damaged tombstone could cause the entire fixture to fail. Replace the tombstone in the fluorescent light fixture so your fluorescent tubes glow once again.

Turn off the circuit breaker to the fluorescent light fixture. Turn off the wall switch that operates the fluorescent fixture. Remove the lens cover from the fixture to access the fluorescent tubes.

Some models have a plastic cover that wraps around the fixture. Grasp the wrap-around lens cover close to the ceiling and unhook it from one side of the fixture, releasing it. Flat acrylic lens covers can attach to the fixture with screws, slide into a groove in the fixture or require pushing up on the cover to tilt it out of the fixture.

Twist the fluorescent tubes to release them from the tombstones.

shunted tombstones home depot

Carefully set the tubes aside. Fluorescent tubes are filled with gas and a small amount of mercury. If one should accidentally hit against another object, it could shatter into several pieces. Hold a noncontact voltage detector next to the tombstones. If an electrical current is still present in the fluorescent fixture, the detector will flash and sound an audible alarm.

Remove the metal ballast cover from the center of the fixture. This metal cover is held by one or two screws, or it slides into slots cut into the fixture. Removing the ballast cover allows you to access the tombstones and the wiring. Look at how the damaged tombstone attaches to the end of the fixture. Some tombstones attach to the fixture with a screw, while others snap into notches cut into the metal on the fixture.

Remove the screw or pull the damaged tombstone from the end of the fixture. Straighten a large, heavy-duty paper clip. Insert the paper clip into the damaged tombstone next to one of the two tombstone wires.

The paper clip opens the tension spring connector inside the tombstone and allows you to pull out the wire. Repeat this for the remaining wire attached to the tombstone. Insert the paper clip into the wire hole on the replacement tombstone.

Push the fluorescent fixture wire into the tombstone next to the paper clip. When you remove the paper clip, it allows the tension spring connector to clamp onto the fixture wire. Repeat this for the remaining fluorescent fixture wire.

Connect the tombstone to the end of the fluorescent fixture by reversing the steps you used in removing it. Replace the ballast cover. Reinstall the fluorescent tubes and replace the fluorescent fixture lens cover.

Turn on the fluorescent fixture wall switch. Turn on the circuit breaker to supply electricity to the fluorescent fixture. Cecilia Harsch has been writing professionally since She writes mainly home improvement, health and travel articles for various online publications. She has several years of experience in the home-improvement industry, focusing on gardening, and a background in group exercise instruction. Harsch received her Certified Nurses Assistant license in Please check the box above to acknowledge you're ordering a pre-order product.

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shunted tombstones home depot

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To Shunt or not to Shunt

Add to cart. Experts Help Add to Cart. MPN Part No. Product Review martha g. I rated the light once, but it is good enough to rate twice.

We really like it and delivery was fast. My first experience replacing florescent lamps with LEDs.

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Everything went as planned and the lights look and work great. I have some more to do so I will definitely get some more in the future, its the best way to go and cost effective.

Love the LED tubes. The conversion went well for me. I converted five florescent fixtures, two tubes each. The research I did on the conversion cautioned about shunted vs non-shunted tombstones. With the first fixture, I pulled all of the tombstones out to check whether or not they were shunted or non-shunted.